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"Thank you very much, there have been multiple coaching sessions that revealed more ideas and actionable steps than I'd expected to discover".


20+ yrs'


Leadership experience


the structure of the MasterMind is really good, and the way you've led us through it is brilliant. Really easy to understand."


"As a successful Business Coach, I joined this Mastermind to improve my leadership skills to enable me to train other leaders better. I've learnt a lot."


20+ yrs'


Leadership experience

My 'Why'… 


I believe every one of us has SO MUCH MORE potential than we currently realise. That is why I coach and train leaders first to discover and release more of it in how they lead themselves, then in how they lead others...because life is short!


I understand the pressure, frustrations and challenges leaders face driving change and developing momentum to grow organisations to deliver increasingly excellent products and services in a competitive marketplace.


With a mindset of continuous improvement, I'm passionate about bringing value to people and organisations by empowering their growth and increasing their level of self-leadership. Our potential can be hindered, hidden, left undeveloped because of wrong mindsets, limiting beliefs, and being in an environment that does not nurture personal and organisational growth.


Q. What if we all released the latent potential within us, and helped others do the same? How would our communities, organisations and planet be better?

How I can help YOU

- What I do… 


I Coach / Train / Mentor leaders & managers to explore and unlock new ideas and opportunities; to achieve more fulfilment in their personal and professional lives; to lead themselves better and then develop others; to challenge current levels of thinking; to recognise and change patterns of behaviour that no longer serve them; enabling higher levels of awareness and achievement.  


Hosted 100+ episodes on the Yeukai Business Show podcast interviewing business owners around the globe across a wide spectrum of services & products. I also guest on other great podcasts talking about leadership, personal growth, time management etc.

What others say...



Transformation Specialist: People & Digital.

A professional with 20+ years' diverse blended experience leading individuals & high performing service delivery teams, and systems and project management within both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


-    Independent Leadership Coach & Trainer

-    Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member
-    DISC Behavioural Analysis Trainer


Proven track record of success in effective leadership and team building. Persuasive negotiator with excellent communication skills.


Professional expertise & background: Leadership Coaching, Training & Mentoring, (group & one-to-one); Digital Transformation; Staff Management; Team Development; Systems Management; Change Management; Operations and Process Improvement; IT Infrastructure Development and Management (ITIL v4); ISO 9001 Quality Management & Auditing; Project Management.


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Trevor Stockwell Leadership Development Services LinkedIn Profile
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Trevor Stockwell Leadership Development Services Youtube Channel

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