What are the benefits of DIS?


DISC assessments are a powerful tool used to assess the behavioural patterns of individuals and groups. They provide insights into how people interact with each other, their communication styles and how they handle conflict.


By using DISC, leaders can gain valuable knowledge regarding the personalities of their team members and create a more effective work environment. Leaders  know that it is imperative for them to identify and understand the strengths and less-strong areas of their employees.


DISC personality assessments can also help managers and supervisors better understand their employees' needs and how they can better meet those needs through resourcing and training.


DISC is used in various ways in the workplace, and all other aspects of life. Employers can use them to identify potential candidates for job roles, for example, if a manager is considering hiring an applicant, the manager might want to use DISin order to better understand the applicant's preferences. This way, they can be sure that this is someone who will work well with other members of the team and will contribute positively to the company culture. Additionally, co-workers can use DISC to better understand each other’s strengths and preferences. DISC can also be used to create team building activities that foster collaboration and communication among team members.  


Here are 5 ways leaders & co-workers can benefit from using DISC:


  1. Understanding individual differences,
  2. Improving team effectiveness by assigning tasks to strength areas,
  3. Promoting healthy work environments for staff, thus increasing employee retention,
  4. Managing employee performance,
  5. Understanding how to communicate more effectively. 


Do you sometimes feel as though you are direct, decisive and take action quickly, and yet at others times you hesitate and want to gather more information before deciding?

Are there moments where you feel free to be yourself and express who you are to those around you, but at other times you feel self-conscious, quieter and less expressive?


This is perfectly normal. Whilst we all exhibit the different behaviours that the DISC assessment identifies at various times, and to differing degrees, DISCovering more about how we are instinctively wired empowers us to live closer to our true selves more often and accept these qualities. We can also naturally be a blend of two or more styles, which depending on the mix, means we have certain preferences with regards to what we value more, how to communicate with others, and how we are communicated to etc.

Different is not necessarily wrong.  In addition, understanding the instinctive behavioural traits of the personalities of our family members and colleagues enables us to relate to, and communicate with them more effectively.


Who does not want to experience better levels of communication with those we interact with?

What is DISC?


DISis a personality assessment that identifies four different personality types:




Steady, and



(Colours can be used to refer to each type).


The DISPersonality Assessment questionnaire takes less than 10-minutes to complete and is answered on a scale of 1-5.


DISC is versatile and can be used in many ways to bring insight and growth including for personal development, leadership development, team building, customer service training, performance management, and employee selection.

The Maxwell DISAssessment Report helps you achieve greater success by learning to value your Personality and Leadership strengths, as well as those of others. 


When you recognise your stronger areas, you are able to focus on developing these further to give your best as you work with people around you. Learn how to get along with anyone, even if you are not a 'people person'. 


Everyone you encounter has different motivations, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently. But remember, one behavioural style / personality type is not better than another, we all have valuable contributions to make to organisations and the people we interact with.


The brief assessment is completed online. You will then receive your 30-page personalised DISreport. The assessment key with report is available to purchase separately or as part of the DISDe-Brief Package. 


Ready to learn more so you can experience more fulfilment and success by releasing more of your potential? 

Can you see how understanding more about your natural personality style, and that of those around you can make a huge difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of your activities?

With more than ONE MILLION DISassessments taken every year, why not benefit from this proven method to uncover insights about yourself & others?


The DISDe-Brief Package consists of:

  i) A unique DISPersonality Behavioural Assessment code (to access the online assessment).

  ii) A 30-page DISPersonality Behavioural Report (incl. strengths evaluation in 7 Leadership areas).

  iii) A 45-min virtual De-brief session with me to leverage the benefits of your personality and discuss how to maximise the findings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the unique and single-use element of the DISC assessment code, once the code has been issued, refunds are not possible.

MasterMind Groups & other Training Programs include:

5-sessions / 7-sessions /

10-sessions / Custom

Leadership Coaching Programs include:

1-month / 3-month /

6-month / 12-month / Custom

DISC Behavioural Analysis

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the unique and single-use element of the DISC assessment code, once the code has been issued, refunds are not possible.


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