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Every step takes us somewhere…

18 November 2022
Ready for a fabulous February?


Steps can take us towards where we want to go or they can take us further away.


How intentional are you about your steps?


Every step we take, takes us somewhere. So, let's be intentional about where we are going.


Here are three types of steps, which ones are you taking? 


1.  Steps that take us to where we want to go. We have a destination planned. We have goals, and a strategy to help us get to that destination, then we take action. We take steps that help us achieve those goals and take us in the desired direction. Along the way we will need to make adjustments, there will be feedback from mistakes or from others, and we will be continually learning, there will also be different opportunities that we will become aware of on the journey. Despite these adjustments, we are still taking intentional steps forwards.



Since smart watches and fitness trackers came on the scene, we are more aware of the number of steps we take in a day. Sometimes, we take a lot more than we realise. Other times we look and think, 'hmm, I need to get a bit more exercise'.


Generally, most days I go out for a walk. Sometimes it is just to be around nature, catch some sunlight and unplug from devices and technology for a period of time. Other times the intention is more just to get a certain level of activity in a day. Either way, it all helps me work towards my fitness / wellbeing goals. 

These intentional steps are the best kind to take. Think about it this way…


 Are you making your steps count or are you just counting steps?

 2.  Steps that help us to just maintain our current lifestyle. This can be the stuff we need to do, we want to do, which just keeps us where we are. Similar to treading water. These can be useful steps for short periods because they help us keep a foundation, which we then move from in the direction that we want to go. But they are not as exciting, or productive (by themselves), as the steps that take us to where we want to go.


3.  Steps which cause us to regress and go backwards. This is not like when you have lost your keys and want to retrace the exact steps that you took to see if they fell out along the way! This is more an attitude or a response, a position we can find ourselves in where we are closed to new ideas. We have stopped growing for one reason or another.


Have you allowed despondency or hopelessness to take a hold? Maybe you tried something that did not work and either intentionally or unintentionally, you made the decision that it hurt too much or you lost too much and have decided you are not going to press forward…that you are not going to break through barriers of resistance to achieve the things that you once wanted to achieve. Taking this stance means we become lethargic, unresponsive and no longer willing to change and take risks. These are the least exciting and actually the most harmful steps. They are still movement, but in the wrong direction!



Remember that we are always taking steps to somewhere.


Let’s be conscious and mindful of the steps that we are taking and the direction they are taking us. 


Self-leadership: there are only so many steps you can take in a day, aren't there? Maximise your time and effort in the things you want to build, achieve, and how you want to grow by identifying where you need to move, and continue being intentional about making your steps count, don't just count your steps. 


If you are realising that actually, 'I've got a bit lazy' , or, 'I've got a bit off course, I'm actually not going in the direction that I want to go' , you can make changes straightaway by taking steps towards your desired destination.


Leading others: you have opportunities to help those you lead take the steps that they need to, to get where they would like to go, or where you would like or need them to go. Are you best positioned to do this? The more you facilitate developing your team members, the more fulfilled and productive they will be.


Q. What are the steps that you can take now to help them on that journey and maximise their steps?


It's a powerful principle, isn't it? Have a think about it.


Every step takes us somewhere… 


If you are realising that your life is out of balance, that there are too many steps being taken in the wrong direction and you want to make changes.....IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK CONTROL.


You can do it. It all starts with a decision.


Contact me if you want to explore how to get back on track, to maximise the time you have, and accelerate in the direction you want to go...





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