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Executive Coaching…
[some of] What I’ve Learnt 

26 October 2022
Executive Coaching

Often referred to as Executive Coaching, I prefer the term Leadership Coaching because we are all leaders in some capacity, whether or not we hold an ‘Executive’ position or title.


From starting my journey to complete my Coaching certification and then since, by focusing more specifically on Leadership, Executive Coaching & Training, I’ve learnt some useful things! 


I am part of a diverse community of Coaches and Leaders from many industries, and in addition to Coaching & Training a wide variety of Business leaders and entrepreneurs myself around the globe, I also sit on the other side and am Coached.


You cannot really talk about the amazing, transformative power of the Coaching process without experiencing it personally, and when you can leverage its benefits, why wouldn’t you?

Transformational Executive Coaching


When done properly, and committed to by both parties, the Coaching process produces many benefits, some are:




We are all naturally wired to want to grow and experience these benefits but can easily get distracted by aspects of life, demands on our time and energy, and oftentimes we put off our development to that imaginary moment called ‘some time’.


Some time when mentally we believe we will have more space to think about it…just not right now. We never imagine that moment to be very far away, it is just on the horizon, we can see it… but oftentimes it remains elusive. 


We may progress somewhat by ourselves, grabbing some ‘me-time’ to read a book or catch a podcast, but sustaining consistent development by ourselves is difficult. Why is it that in most areas, where we know that we are not experts and struggle from a lack of ability, that we leverage and invest in the skills of others, and yet investing in the most important aspect that can advance both ourselves and those in our world gets squashed and put on hold?


Leadership, Executive Coaching can and cannot help everybody 


Confused? I will elaborate…


The Coaching process can DEFINITELY help everyone, when the timing is right, and IF they are willing to participate in the process and are looking to change and grow. If you are not at that place yet, keep reading as this may help you make a more informed decision.


So, what have I learned personally? Whilst discussions are kept confidential, I can share some general learning here as I think it will help. At whatever stage we are at on our professional and personal journey of discovery and fulfilment, we have to CONSTANTLY develop and protect a healthy mindset. I ‘knew’ this before embarking on the Coaching journey but the reality of this became even more evident as I became aware of my limiting beliefs (which I have since disowned), despite starting my journey of personal growth decades ago. (Yes, I did start early!!) 


Executive Coaching mindset

Let’s talk a bit more about the subconscious. We all have a subconscious part of the mind…which has a HUGE influence in our life. It consistently runs processes in the background like a guardian and protector, facilitating the complex operation of our natural bodies, as well as habits and routines we have developed which influence our emotions, and therefore our behaviours. It is truly an asset WHEN we manage and lead it well where we need to. 


Some of it we can leave to run on ‘auto-pilot’, like regulating blood flow, body temperature and the myriad of other physiological aspects it oversees but to really excel in life and experience true fulfilment, (however you define that), we need to actively participate in discovering and replacing habits, beliefs and the dialogue that rises from this area towards our conscious mind that works contrary to our ideal state/life. 


A key ingredient to the transforming power of the Coaching process is the focus on thinking about and exploring what we actually believe and desire, taking time and working in partnership with the Coach to explore and peel back the surface of learned behaviours, thinking and routines to discover which elements are not serving us well (even if they once did).


As humans we have so much power both to release more potential AND take responsibility for our growth and behaviour. Regardless of past challenges we can ALL move forwards proactively and make desired changes. Developing our self-leadership to the point where this behaviour becomes the norm and empowers us to enjoy life more, and lead others better.


Coaching has given me greater clarity...

Executive Coaching transforms your state

...and helped me to articulate that part of my life purpose is helping others to succeed. Despite having served people through various teams for many years, I truly believe that the Coaching process accelerated me becoming aware of and clearer about this. It now feeds into how I focus my time and skillset.


I discovered some limiting beliefs during sessions which I was unaware I had.


Why are limiting beliefs so harmful to our development… because they LIMIT us!


For instance, if you think that you are only capable of ‘ABC’, getting to ‘D’ is not on your radar and outside of your scope of thinking and effort. BUT when you realise that getting to ‘C’ is just the beginning, and you have potential to get all the way to ‘Z’, (and then start on ‘AA’, ‘AB’…), you become more energized, start to think about new options and move to bigger horizons.


So what are the areas in your life where you feel stuck, contained, or limited?


Are these easy to notice but difficult to change?


If you could just change one aspect for now, what would it be?

If you want to explore the Coaching process further, or just start a conversation, contact me and we can schedule a time and explore how you can experience feeling greater satisfaction, freedom and stronger clarity about who you are and what you can achieve….


I believe in YOU, and I believe in YOUR potential!


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