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Are you a manager or leader that's stuck in a rut? You know you have more potential but feel trapped in the mundane routine that is 'safe'. Do you desire to challenge yourself and pursue a life of significance, not just existence? 


As an independent Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, with 20+ years of first-hand leadership experience, I can help you navigate the pressures and demands you face whilst discovering & implementing new things. LIVE BIGGER!!

Hi, I'm Trevor Stockwell...

Enough is enough!

Ready to shift gears & up your


Nothing of significance occurs with little to no effort. Are you ready to make a change, and pay the price associated with an exciting journey of discovery & significance?

Willing to push past the comfortable to discover new depths of potential?


# 1 Define what you want to achieve. 


# 2 Take action and continually grow.


# 3 Experience the benefits of regularly exercising your potential and leaving your comfort zone.

You don't have to feel this way...

Struggling to cope?

Feeling powerless?

Remember what this felt like?

Want it back?

Trevor Stockwell Leadership Development Services

Had enough of being...

Do you feel under-valued?

Not taken seriously?

Is your role stifling your potential?

Want to feel challenged again?

Same old, same old every day?

No option to progress?

Have colleagues moved on?

Do you feel like you've plateaued?

Explore DISC...

Explore Training...

Explore Coaching & Mentoring...




Proven leadership principles that have stood the test of time.

As John C. Maxwell, the world's #1 leadership guru states, 

'Growth doesn't just happen'.


Our best lives are available but won't appear by default. Being intentional about taking action and pursuing continued growth is a key factor in producing your best results.


However you define success, consistency compounds. What we do daily builds, and either works for us or against us.  If you're determined enough to consistently grow in your strengths, you'll experience success.

Services available

Leadership Training


One-to-one or group training: maximise your potential & invest in your growth.

Sharpen both your self-leadership, and how you lead others.


One of the strengths of the MasterMind is the ability to gather with like-minded individuals corporately creating a unique and powerful learning environment, maximising your ROI (both time & money).


Bespoke one-to-one or group training is also available, pending a prior discussion and confirmation that it's a good fit for all parties.

Coaching & Mentoring


These are two separate disciplines, each have an important part to play in our growth & success. Accountability is a common element.


Coaching brings clarity, and explores the subconscious habits and patterns of behaviours that hold us back from the success & fulfilment we desire...we can choose to discover and change them! 


The Mentor provides input differently, sharing wisdom from the path they've walked. Mentorship provides external direction and insight. 

DISC Behavioural Analysis


What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationships & leadership?


Your individual personality affects every aspect of your life. One of the best things you can do to grow yourself and improve your leadership is to understand your personality and what naturally drives you.


Discovering how your team members are wired also reveals the best approach when it comes to communicating with them.

Ready to grow and discover more potential?


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Trevor Stockwell Leadership Development Services LinkedIn Profile
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Trevor Stockwell Leadership Development Services Youtube Channel

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